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NAFA honours 32 recipients with clean air awards

The National Air Filtration Association (NAFA) has announced the winners of its 2015 Clean Air Awards. The award is presented each year to building owners and managers in Canada and the United States that take the steps to significantly improve indoor air quality (IAQ) by increasing the level or efficiency of the HVAC air filtration system in 10 specific categories.

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The advantages of designing for IAQ

There are many advantages to having an effective indoor air quality (IAQ) strategy, which may not always include the obvious––breathing clean air. After all, most people now spend an average of 90 per cent of time indoors. One needs to look at the technologies that improve IAQ and address specific problems.

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Walls, ceilings, and indoor air quality

By its very nature, indoor air quality (IAQ) is fragile and fickle—easily disturbed by the most minute of changes to the built environment, whether during construction or occupancy. In fact, even the seemingly innocuous introduction of new products and materials, such as wall and ceiling assemblies, can damage indoor air quality and, as a result, create an unhealthy space for both contractors and occupants.

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