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Facade design: The benefits of early-stage energy modelling

Indeed, as a project matures, it becomes increasingly difficult, as well as costly, to make effective changes to the performance. In response to this need, KPMB LAB, the research and innovation group at KPMB Architects, has developed a basic energy modelling tool for internal use on projects. This article discusses how the tool works, how it relates to more comprehensive energy modelling software, and how it can be useful to an architect during concept and schematic design phases.

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Achieving beauty and durability with continuous insulation

Combining multiple esthetics is the standard rather than the exception in building exteriors. And since the days of monolithic design are long gone, architects are pushing the limits by integrating materials to create a modern, sophisticated look. At the same time, no designer can afford to sacrifice performance for an eye-catching look. Ever-evolving, stricter building codes, and heightened expectations from building owners now demand the right balance between beauty and durability.

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