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The challenges of winter roofing

Even in winter, immediate replacement of roof systems could be an absolute necessity, depending on the severity of leaks and the interior environment the roof is supposed to protect. Contingent on the size of the roof, its complexity, and contractor availability, there may be time to squeeze in the replacement before snow falls. While roofing can be performed during the cold, winter months, there are many challenges that must be addressed by designers, contractors, and owners. These difficulties can be amplified when reroofing over an occupied facility.

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Restoration of a heritage brick clock tower

During the restoration of a clock tower in Huntsville, Ont., the contractor uncovered significant deterioration within the multi-wythe clay brick exterior walls. The project was expanded to include: demolition of the deteriorated brick walls, reconstruction of the tower walls one corner at a time, replacement of the steel roof, and recladding of the tower exterior walls.

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The air/vapour barrier must die

The terms “air barrier” and “vapour retarder” (or “vapour barrier”) are perhaps some of the most poorly understood concepts in the construction industry. A general lack of understanding of the functions of these materials has resulted in simplistic rules-of- thumb. It is crucial the industry agrees on terminology that communicates the specific functions and purpose of these materials to avoid confusion and costly errors.

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