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Managing the risks of efflorescence

The tile industry has experienced efflorescence for a long time. It occurs when mineral salt deposits that have leached or migrated from cement and masonry materials are carried to the surface. Although poor installation methods can cause it, building design and product selection also contribute to the problem in both interior and exterior applications.

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Restoration of a heritage brick clock tower

During the restoration of a clock tower in Huntsville, Ont., the contractor uncovered significant deterioration within the multi-wythe clay brick exterior walls. The project was expanded to include: demolition of the deteriorated brick walls, reconstruction of the tower walls one corner at a time, replacement of the steel roof, and recladding of the tower exterior walls.

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Monumental masonry arches

Masonry arches have been constructed around the world for millennia, from the ancient round arches of Egypt and China, to semi-circular Roman and pointed Gothic ones found in Medieval European cathedrals. The first recorded brick arch is believed to have been constructed in Ur in Mesopotamia circa 1400 BC, making the structural form one of the oldest.

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