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  1. Thank you for the presentation.

    If you are building an ICF wall will Kryton KIM admixture give you a monolithic crack free (water leakage wise) effect if you have lifts with cold joints? The goal being to be able to pour in discrete lifts and have the same results as if you had achieved a monolithic pour.

    1. ICF walls are very difficult to waterproof for a number of reasons. The concrete once placed, stays hidden behind insulated forms. There are many form ties that penetrate the concrete and these need to be waterproofed too. Once the concrete has been placed, there is no way to determine if there are cracks, holes, voids or other defects.

      Typically, the ICF foundation is wrapped in a robust external membrane with details for the ties and other penetrations. KIM is used often on ICF projects as a belt and suspenders approach to ensuring the foundation stays leak free and dry. I would not recommend the use of KIM as a sole waterproofing solution as defects and cracks cannot be identified or repaired.

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