Northern Manitoba to get road, bridge, and infrastructure upgrades

March 31, 2015

Road Construction[1]
The Government of Manitoba has invested money into improving roads, bridges, and infrastructure in the northern region of the province. Photo © BigStockPhoto/wabeno

The Government of Manitoba has invested in road, bridge, and infrastructure improvements to support jobs, boost regional economy, and better traffic flow in the province’s north.

From 2010 to 2015, the province invested $85 million into roads, bridges, and infrastructure in Northern Manitoba. Highlighted improvements include:

This year, the province will invest $78 million into major infrastructure projects valued at more than $400,000. Examples of these improvements are:

“The north is critical to the health of the Manitoba economy,” said infrastructure and transportation minister, Ron Kostyshyn. “These investments will ensure businesses and municipalities can continue to grow and prosper. This is part of the Manitoba government’s $5.5 billion, five-year core infrastructure plan and the long-term commitment to invest in roads, bridges, and infrastructure throughout the province.”

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