New green infrastructure funding strategy announced

A green bond funding program was announced for financing environmentally responsible Ontario building projects. Photo © BigStockPhoto/Jeff Whyte Photography.

After development consultations with investors in Canada and globally, the province’s green bonds are scheduled to be available next year.

The Ontario government announced the creation of a green bonds program for financing environmentally responsible infrastructure projects in the province.

Announced by Premier Kathleen Wynne last month, the program allows the government to address infrastructure requirements while creating jobs and improving the economy. These bonds will also meet certification and disclosure standards internationally, meaning they will be regarded as official sustainability investments.

“There’s no question we need to find new revenue sources to fund public transit across the province,” said Wynne. “Green bonds would be a great way to give citizens the opportunity to invest directly in the province’s future. Smart investments in public transit help people in their everyday lives, help protect the environment and strengthen the economy.”

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