London Chapter presents on offsite construction

CSC London will be presenting on “Getting the Most out of Offsite Construction: Implementation Strategies and Guidelines” on Thursday, January 21, via Zoom.

Laurie Robert, vice-president of sales and marketing, NRB Modular Solutions, Dexterra Group, will be presenting at the event. The session will draw on the experiences of industry experts to explore what it takes to choreograph and execute a more effective permanent modular construction project; from the significance of early engagement to the end goal of early occupancy. Topics include modular design development and integration, the decision-making process, the significance of the ‘module,’ ideal project delivery methods, and contract variables as well as roles, responsibilities, and scope of work delineation—all at the pre-bid or pre-construction phase.

RSVP by January 19 at Zoom invites will be sent out on January 20.

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  1. Please, help me with my request to be included in the NRB Modular Solutions, Dexterra Group’s
    Laurie Robert’s webinar on the 21st. I’m having issues with the email address given to request ( ) to send the request because it’s not being accepted for whatever reason.
    My email address is;

    Carlos Naranjo

  2. I would like to register for the Laurie Robert’s webinar that will happen on January 21st please.

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