Half-day air barrier seminar comes to Edmonton

In conjunction with Morrison Hershfield, the Edmonton Chapter of CSC is offering a half-day seminar entitled, “Air Barriers and Whole Building Air Leakage Testing Seminar: A Look at Membranes from Design Documents, Installation QA/QC Procedures to Whole Building Air Leakage Testing.”

The event takes place on Thursday, March 23, from 7:30 a.m. to 1 p.m., at the Chateau Louis Conference Centre.

Over the past decades, energy codes have brought a number of changes with respect to improving the performance of the building envelope both in design and construction. In terms of the building enclosure, the most debatable is the increasing importance placed on air leakage, and how this often-unknown value affects many of the energy efficiency metrics defining the performance of the building. Throughout the world, there are multiple codes and standards requiring varying levels of airtightness, as well as varying performance levels and methods of verification. As the requirements and performance implications become better understood, common design and construction practices will experience shifts toward improved performance.

During this half-day seminar, participants will learn the valuable information about air barrier systems, including critical points of development, testing, and sustainability. Along with a greater understanding of current air barrier requirements, attendees will leave this seminar with tools to implement air barrier standards into upcoming projects. Areas of focus include air barrier history, design and construction administration, and performance verification testing.

Registration is $55.

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