Global 3D printing competition kicks off with focus on affordable housing

by arslan_ahmed | September 6, 2023 4:10 pm

[1]Construction technology company, ICON, has opened submissions for Initiative 99, a global architecture competition for 3D-printed affordable housing that can be built under $99,000 (USD).

With a total prize purse of $1M (USD), ICON is committed to building a selection of the winning designs at multiple locations that will stand as a model for future affordable housing.

Architects from all over the world, including firms, individuals, and university students are encouraged to participate. To date, ICON has seen 57 different countries represented on the growing list of potential participants, illustrating a universal need to create a new, disruptive solution for affordable housing.

Example of a 3D-printed affordable house.[2]
Example of an affordable 3D-printed house. Photo courtesy ICON.

The Initiative 99 jury consists of an expert panel of architectural practitioners, academic leaders, policy makers, and non-profit organizations committed to realizing affordable housing solutions including:

“We need a moonshot for affordable housing, and I believe Initiative 99 will be the most important architectural competition in history,” says Jason Ballard, ICON’s co-founder and CEO. “The current affordable housing landscape seems to have been designed and built without taking beauty, esthetics, comfort, sustainability, and resiliency as serious requirements. It’s time we attack this problem just as energetically as we’ve addressed other human challenges in the past.”

Applications can be submitted here:[3]

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