Fastener compatibility with profiled metal roof/wall panels

The Metal Construction Association (MCA) has published a new, free technical resource to assist designers and installers in selecting the proper type of fastener: Fastener Compatibility with Profiled Metal Roof and Wall Panels.

Found in the technical resources section of the MCA website at, the new bulletin includes a convenient table that serves as a guideline to check fastener compatibility with different types of cladding materials. (The integrity and esthetics of a building is at risk when the wrong type of fastener is used with a metal roof or wall cladding system. Premature galvanic corrosion of the panel or fastener may occur when dissimilar metals are in contact with each other.)

The bulletin also provides a discussion on the fastener durability and the roles (e.g. primary or secondary) and type (e.g. self-drilling, self-tapping, and self-piercing) of fasteners that help achieve high fastener performance.

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