CSC Vancouver: Green roofing technical talk

On Thursday, January 14, the Vancouver Chapter of CSC is presenting a talk on vegetated roofing and stormwater management, led by Karen Liu—winner of the 2009−2010 F. Ross Browne Award for the best article to appear in Construction Canada.

The stormwater management potential of a vegetative roof depends on its water storage capacity as well as the rainfall pattern and climate zone where it is located. The product manager for Bonar Xeroflor, Liu will explore the detention and retention characteristics of individual roofing components, reviewing how they interact within a vegetated assembly to manage runoff. Her session will also demonstrate how new building materials can maximize water storage while keeping the weight low. A concept of water-retention-to-weight ratio will be introduced to compare different green roof components to assist designers to make proper choices. A case study involving the Broadway Tech Centre will be used, and Liu will also examine various municipal policies and programs, along with their pros and cons in promoting green roof installation.

The buffet luncheon will be held at the Sandman Hotel, kicking off at 11:30 a.m. and finishing by 1:30 p.m. Cost is $38 plus GST for pre-registered CSC members and $48 for non-members. (AIBC) members will receive a core Learning Unit (LU) for attending this event, and RCI has approved this meeting for one Continuing Education Hour (CEH).

To read a recent Construction Canada article on the topic by Liu, click here.

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