CSC Regina tours campus construction project

On Thursday, April 26, CSC’s Regina Chapter will be conducting a tour of the College Building at College Avenue Campus (CAC) of the University of Regina. CAC serves approximately 8000 learners and hosts dozens of community and cultural events annually.

Deteriorating facility conditions necessitated the demolition of the Conservatory and Gallery Buildings at CAC. Saving the College Building is a $60 million project—including a $27.6 million contribution from the federal government’s Strategic Investment Fund—and involves renovations to the College and Tower buildings as well as the Conservatory façade.

The new design includes:

  • preserving the existing heritage architecture of the College Building;
  • adding a new structure on the west of the College Building to replace the space lost as a result of the demolition of the Conservatory and Gallery Buildings; and
  • adding a new structure on the east of the College Building to help improve safety, access, and service to the campus by adding fire exit stairs and washrooms as well as providing a space for mechanical and electrical utilities.

Participants must wear protective equipment including safety boots and glasses and hard hat during the tour, which is slated to run from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m.

Following the tour, the 2018 CSC Regina Chapter Annual General Meeting will be held at Victoria’s Tavern.

To register for the tour, click here.

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