CSC Ottawa celebrates city’s sustainability initiatives and beacon projects

On Wednesday, November 4, CSC’s Ottawa Chapter is planning an evening of information-sharing and networking to celebrate initiatives to address climate change and some of the city’s beacon sustainable projects.

Sonia Zouari, Chapter Chair and sustainability advocate, invites Councillor David Chernushenko who will explain how the pursuit of a renewable-energy-powered city is both a lofty goal and a necessary, achievable reality. Windmill Developments’ Jonathan Westeinde will focus on key aspects of the Zibi project, discussing how it adopts the One Planet Living guiding principles, the collaborative and innovative approach taken, and the benefits of a district energy system approach. A third speaker, Ottawa Salus’ executive director Lisa Ker, will outline her organization’s motivations to adopt Passivhaus—the most stringent energy efficiency standard in the world.

The discussions will be moderated by Renee Gratton, president of the Construction Resource Initiatives (CRI) Council.

The event kicks off at 5 p.m. at Algonquin College with a product exhibit followed by a dinner, the panelist presentations and audience Q&A. Tickets are $60, plus GST/HST. For registration and more information, visit


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