CSC continuing education Jan 2014

Learning Objectives

In the January 2014 issue of Construction Canada (vol. 56, no. 1), the article, “The Invisible Threat: Creating Bird-friendly Buildings,” was published. After reading this article, you should understand:

  • The threat the built environment can pose to migrating birds;
  • Trends in the construction industry to recognize such issues; and
  • Building materials and design practices that can mitigate factors leading to avian deaths.



Read the article, “The Invisible Threat: Creating Bird-friendly Buildings,” by Christine Sheppared, PhD, Anne Lewis, FAIA, Bruce Fowle, FAIA, and Guy Maxwell, AIA, with the above learning objectives in mind. Answer the questions below, and e-mail your response (along with your name, address, and CSC member number) to For this one-hour activity, CSC members will earn one Continuing Professional Development and Education (CPDE) credit.



1. What are the three major glass-related causes of bird death?

2. What are the three major bird-friendly glass technologies, and how do they differ?

3. Aside from these glazing products, name three design or operations strategies for reducing bird deaths.

4. How can existing windows be retrofitted to prevent bird collisions?

5. How is a building’s ‘bird-friendliness’ covered by LEED rating programs?


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