CSC 2018 conference wrap-up: Building collaboration in Edmonton

When an industry group grows, it means people see value in its goals (and benefits), and want to be part of it. There were 237 new (or rejoining) members in 2017, of which 72 were sponsored by 44 current members.

 Russell W. Cornell Award for Membership Recruitment

To qualify for the Russell W. Cornell Award, a member must sponsor at least three new members during the membership year.

Guy Houle of the Québec Chapter was this year’s award recipient, edging out three-time winner Kazim Kanani, CCCA, CSP, of the Toronto Chapter. Houle sponsored 13 new members in 2017.  His strong efforts in recruiting new members also helped to grow and revitalize the CSC/DCC Québec Chapter.

As important as these fresh faces are, having long-term members is also critical, as it ensures continuity and serves as an example of passion and service over the decades. Fortunately, CSC has no shortage of veteran volunteers, with several in attendance to receive their Longevity Awards.

55 Years
J.M. Minialoff
H.D. Theis

50 Years
Jean F. D’Haese, RSW
Ian Bartlett, FCSC, RSW
Erwin W. Baumann, RSW
Joe J. Karpala

45 Years
David H. Brookes, RSW

40 Years
Gerry Wilson, FCSC, RSW
Kenneth A. Halldorson,
Jon A. Gravell

35 Years
Philip J. Evans, FCSC
Madine Godin

30 Years
Glenn D. Reinders
Jean-Guy Levaque
René Rufiange
Vern Gudmundson
Wynn McDonald
Wes Anderson
Manfred W. Grote
Ron J. Van Berkel, CTR
Michael J. Schneider, FCSC, CCCA
Steve Clayman
Paul Andre Babin

25 Years
Ken Rowson, FCSC
Wesley T. Moore
Allan Morris
James Dykes
Paul Cartier
Marc Comtois
Jules Leduc
Brian Colgan, FCSC, RSW

20 Years
Donna DeVloo
John Mainer
Domenic Biase
K. Zielonka
Marvin Megley
Brent Belanger, CTR
Mike Boldt
Thomas J. A. Piskor, CTR
James Kwan, CTR
Gary E. Bearham
Dean Karachi
Don Delaney
Michael E. Thornber
Russell Snow, CTR, CSP
Imtyaz Kanji, CCCA
Billy Lai
Greg Mylks, CTR, CCCA
John Blair
Frank Zrim
Derrill Ayotte
Nancy McPherson, CTR
Darren Wingerak
Kevin L. Chouinard
Grant Stuempfle, CTR
Ruth Shannon, CTR
Sylvain Valcourt
Don C.K. Poon, CCCA

15 Years
Georges Carazzato
Nick H. Aroutzidis
Bradford W. Cove
Dave Laurie, CTR
Janis Dubreuil
Tony Martinelli, CCCA
Raymond B. Nelson, CCCA
Rachel Blanchette
Kelly Clarke, CTR
Cam Munro, CTR
Scott Waechter
David Johnston
Heather Ziober, CCCA
Robert St. Louis, CCCA
Larry Shoesmith, CTR
Tyler R. Pochynuk
Cathy Garrido
John Hendriks, CCCA
Karen Griffith
Fraser Powell, CTR
Bob Matich, CTR
Brian Abbey
Gerald Atkin
Douglas J. Ault, CCCA
Jason Armstrong
Jack Gustafson, CCCA
Brenda Dejaegher
Ron R. Beatson, CCCA
Jay Creighton, CCCA
Mark Liberty
Peter Kubas
Mario Rovina
Gene Dejneka
J.D. Eckmire
Wyatt Eckert
Bill Maretzki
Jameson Vong
Agnes Vermes
Joanne Walker, CTR
Jacques Hebert
Guy Desjardins
David Shields
John Trainor, CTR
Shandra Vedress, CSP
Yves Roy, CTR
Michael Kresin

10 Years
Veronica L. Mendoza, RSW
Patrick L’Ecuyer
Trevor Stupack
Adam Strachan, RSW
Yves St-Cyr
John Garbin
Allan Taylor
Brent Cherwinski, CTR
Bernie Duquette
Kristin Hetterly
Ken Kosziwka
Pete Stevens, CCCA
Stephen Attfield
Daniel William Horner
Gary Goldberg
Rodway Jung
Brent Mehyden, CCCA
Lou Lima, CCCA
Garret Hamm
Leslie Maksymowicz
Frank Schippers, CTR
Hector Valenzuela
Kris Norman
John Greco
Dale A. Wilson, CCCA
Roy Anderson
Jamie Mantle
Dave Vella
Bretan Baumgardt, CCCA
Marko Durbic
Paul Ledaire
Rob Mutch
Rui Cabral
Derek Januszewski
Alexander Walker
Colin McIntosh
Sofia Racanelli, CTR
Pierre Hebert
Thierry Ségard
Paul Schmidtke, RSW
Daniel Fournier
Jeremy Friesen
Mark Owen
Lee Phillips
Monica Guzman
Cameron Forbes
Ashley McKay, CSP
Jean-Pierre Baril
Walter Stewart
Jean Gelinas


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