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Natural ventilation: A breath of fresh air

To keep up with the increasing demand for energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness, architects and industrial designers must look out for innovative ways to save energy and reduce expenses. The solution actually comes from a principle that has been applied in structures for thousands of years—natural building ventilation.

CSC Vancouver looks at parking structures

October 6, 2015
On Thursday, October 8, the Vancouver Chapter of CSC is offering a technical session, combined with buffet lunch, about the design, construction, and maintenance of parking structures.

WoodWorks announces winners of community awards in British Columbia

October 6, 2015
Five B.C. governments received the Community Recognition Award from the province’s WoodWorks. The awards are presented annually to local governments that are wood advocates and demonstrate through specification of wood in a community project or through visionary initiatives working toward building a community culture of wood.

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The versatility of insulated metal panels

September 29, 2015
Insulated metal panels (IMPs) can be an effective way to improve energy efficiency and create a pleasing esthetic, which is why they are used in a variety of different projects. An Albertan truck dealership and an Ontario cycling facility provide examples of this cladding assembly's benefits.

Find Inspiration in the Natural World: Discover the new Matte Series

Countless architects around the world have found inspiration in the incredible colour and gloss range of ALPOLIC’s aluminum composite material (ACM) finishes. Now, they can take inspiration from the colours of nature with a new Matte Series finishes, drawn from the living Earth’s subtle palette.

Six Ways to Protect Cyber Assets

September 22, 2015
When it comes to securing ‘cyber assets,’ (any programmable electronic devices and electronic communication networks) many architects and design professionals think of only mitigating risks such as e-mail spam, phishing schemes, and malware that could infect their computer systems. However, cyber assets can also be compromised physically.

Five Ways of Protecting Mid-rise Bones with Gypsum Board

September 18, 2015
Mid-rise construction has taken hold as cities across Canada seek new ways to accommodate growth in urban populations. Recent provincial and municipal codes and pending national code changes are allowing a more affordable path for mid-rise construction. Specifically, codes are innovating fire-protected wood frames (timber) for five- and six-storey buildings.

Fluid-applied Flashings: Fully adhered instead of self-adhered

September 17, 2015
Flashings are critical to ensuring moisture does not have an opportunity to enter wall assemblies. However, many designers cannot agree on flashings because what constitutes the products themselves is poorly defined. A flashing is a material put in place to prevent water penetration, or to direct the water flow away from the building.

Acoustical Ceilings and Fire Safety

September 16, 2015
A suspended acoustical ceiling represents a significant percentage of a room’s surface. As such, these ceilings are critical to controlling the noise level in a space by providing a means of absorbing unwanted sound generated inside and blocking unwanted sound generated outside.

ICFs, Wood, and the Changing Face of Mid-rises

September 15, 2015
The face of mid-rise construction may well be changing in Canada. In British Columbia, about 285 wood-frame mid-rise buildings have been built or are under construction, and the trend is moving east as six-storey wood frame construction is in the process of being adopted by several provincial codes.