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Ontario supports skilled trades

November 24, 2015
The Ontario provincial government is dedicating support to the industry-driven governing body in charge of promoting and modernizing skilled trades. The partnership between the province and Ontario College of Trades has recognized the recommendations of Tony Dean, the former secretary of cabinet, in his report, “Supporting a Strong and Sustainable Ontario College of Trades”. The spring legislative session will introduce Ontario’s proposed legislative changes, and the province will work with the College of Trades to implement Dean’s recommendations.

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Infrastructure report: More integration needed

November 24, 2015
The Mowat Centre, an independent Ontarian public-policy think-tank, published its latest report, “From the Ground Up: The Role of Local Governments in Building Canada’s Economic Infrastructure.” In it, the group examines the link between public infrastructure, economic competitiveness, and the role of local government, while providing recommendations on how best to address Canada’s infrastructure gap.

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Understanding ULC-listed Fire-resistant Designs

As a regulatory representative of Underwriters Laboratories of Canada (ULC), this author sees an increasing number of building designers submitting plans to approving authorities with fire-resistant-rated assemblies as being “based on Design No. XXXX” instead of using the actual listed one. However, a design submitted as being “based on” is not the design “listed” by ULC.

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Corporate Confidential: Understanding acoustic privacy within the built environment

Typing the word ‘privacy’ into any search engine yields a virtually endless stream of entries describing the ways in which it can be violated. There are reports of hackers acquiring credit card information, law enforcement agencies mining social networking sites, and members of the public using drones to take aerial photographs. More recent headlines indicate voice-activated televisions can even eavesdrop on owners.

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Roof Considerations for Northern Climates

With any important decision in life, it is necessary to understand the trade-offs associated with the choices made. The same is true when selecting a roofing assembly. A common theme is sustainability and the use of ‘green’ building methods and materials—however, trouble can arise when materials are selected and purchased solely because of perceived energy or environmental benefits.

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Using Your Nogging: Integrating masonry walls with wood-frame construction

Combining timber framing and masonry is not a new idea. The use of brick infill known as ‘brick nogging’ with timber post and beam framing has been employed for building houses throughout Europe since the late 12th century. One of the oldest standing buildings using this form of construction is the Cressing Wheat Barn in Essex England, constructed around 1235.

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