Women’s housing designed by female team: GBL Architects

by brittney_cutler_2 | October 12, 2021 12:30 pm

About 35 per cent of the units (47 units) will be family-friendly units, including 50 studios, 38 one-bedrooms, 35 two-bedrooms and 12 three-bedroom units. Photo courtesy GBL Architects

Designed by GBL Architects, a 135-unit mixed income affordable housing development, focuses on target client groups including senior women, single mothers, and workforce housing for women-led families where leases are signed by women in Vancouver.

Totaling 8640 m2 (93,000 sf), 47 units will be family-friendly, alongside 50 studios, 38 one-bedrooms, 35 two-bedrooms and 12 three-bedroom units. The project will provide affordable rental housing in a 13-storey tower, replacing a smaller scale, aging building.

The current neighborhood is comprised of low- to medium- rise residential buildings, however several taller towers stand nearby. GBL’s proposal is similar in scale to a tower across the street, and within the range of nearby towers.

Amenity space is a priority to the team, and will be maximized to allow for flexible multi-use spaces for residences. Outdoor patios, healing gardens, and urban agriculture will improve liability for residents and enhance the green streetscape.

The building design allows for a setback at grade, which can improve the street with planting, street furniture, and patios for ground level units. The building will meet a high standard of sustainability requirements, which will be considered throughout the design process.

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