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Insulation’s role in controlling noise

Acoustical management is a challenge for both design professionals and building occupants. A certain level of background sound within a building is expected, and generally contributes to a pleasant ambient environment. Unwanted noise can cause occupants to feel irritable, distracted, anxious, hostile, or annoyed. This is why it is critical to closely review the intended use and design of commercial environments so sound levels do not become ‘noise’ concerns.

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Environmental benefits of closed-cell sprayed polyurethane foam

A focus on green building standards and more stringent code requirements has led to adoption of best practices in construction materials and methods. Among those is specifying more efficient insulation systems, air barriers, and seamless monolithic roofing assemblies. Use of closed-cell sprayed polyurethane foam (ccSPF) can help meet the stringent requirements of modern, sustainable building design.

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