Ryerson University holds inaugural engineering conference

March 31, 2015

20140820TomDuever-01 Dean's pick[1]
Ryerson University recently held its inaugural engineering conference, “Engineers Want In” to start a dialogue about the important roles engineers play in forming certain public policies. Dean of the faculty of engineering and architectural sciences at Ryerson University, Tom Duever (pictured), co-chaired the conference. Photo courtesy Ryerson University

Ryerson University hosted its first-ever engineering conference in late March to start a dialogue on how Ontario engineers can play larger roles in the discussion and formation of public policy.

The Toronto school’s “Engineers Want In” conference addressed the limited engineering input when discussing public policy with the masses. Transit, infrastructure, cyber security, and climate change are some of the public policy issues that could benefit from the expertise of engineers. Over the past two years, approximately 4000 news articles covered infrastructure issues, but only four per cent of them had references to engineering professionals.

“Leaders in the engineering community have a shared responsibility to participate in current public policy conversations and present the unique perspective only engineers can offer,” said Tom Duever, Ryerson’s dean of the faculty of engineering and architectural sciences.

The full-day event was split into sessions featuring panelists from different industries, including:

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