Perfecting Firestopping: Common mistakes

The Three Most Common Installation Mistakes

  1. Using a code-compliant firestop system, but not Underwriters Laboratories of Canada (CAN/ULC)-approved for the application.
  2. Not properly tooling a sealant into the void around a penetrant.
  3. Using backing materials to fill a hole that is not CAN/ULC-approved.

The Three Most Common Specification Mistakes

  1. Putting too many penetrants through the same hole in a floor, ceiling, or wall.
  2. Mixing penetrant types in the same hole, such as non-metallic pipe and steel pipe. Different penetrant types may need different firestopping materials and installation techniques.
  3. Specifying a firestopping material or device that is not a Underwriters Laboratories of Canada (CAN/ULC)-approved as a product or as a product for a particular application.

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