Overall increase in Canadian building for July

September 18, 2013

An increase in building permits for office buildings, retail, and recreation facilities contributed to the 20.7 per cent increase across the country in July, as reported by Statistics Canada. Photo © BigStockPhoto/Karamysh.

Building permits in July increased overall by 20.7 per cent, but institutional and industrial construction remain down, according to Statistics Canada.

The $8 billion rise was mainly due to commercial construction permits for office buildings, retail, and recreation facilities. The non-residential sector increased a total of 45.5 per cent, or $3.9 billion. British Columbia and New Brunswick reported the largest declines.

Industrial permits were on the rise by 11.6 per cent, but it failed to compensate for the decrease in June. Further, institutional building fell by 6.5 per cent, making July the third drop in the past four months. This is a result of reduced building of medical and educational facilities in Alberta and Québec.

After June saw a decline in the residential sector, July showed a jump of 4.1 per cent with the largest increases reported in Québec, Alberta, and Ontario. Conversely, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and Nova Scotia cited declines.

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