Ontario FIT program improved

January 16, 2013

Updates to the Small Feed-in Tariff program in Ontario will make it easier for ‘green’ energy producers to complete renewable energy projects. Photo © BigStockPhoto/Saul Paz.

The Ontario government has re-launched a revised Small Feed-in Tariff (FIT) program in the province in a bid for increased renewable, clean energy.

In 2009, Premier Dalton McGuinty announced the Small FIT program in an effort to make it easier for ‘green’ energy producers to sell power back to the provincial grid. Now, two years later, the FIT Review and Land Use Working Group has provided recommendations for improvements addressing the program’s community requirements and sustainability.

These recommendations include:

Proposed renewable energy projects with a capacity between 10 to 500 kW are now being accepted by the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) until January 18 through its website. To date, OPA has granted 1500 FIT contracts for solar energy projects in the province.

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