Nexii acquires construction services firm Omicron

July 20, 2021

Nexii Building Solutions Inc. (Nexii) has acquired integrated development, design, and construction firm Omicron Canada Ltd. (Omicron). Image courtesy Nexii[1]
Nexii Building Solutions Inc. (Nexii) has acquired integrated development, design, and construction firm Omicron Canada Ltd. (Omicron).
Image courtesy Nexii

Nexii Building Solutions Inc.[2] (Nexii), a Canadian green construction technology company, acquired Omicron Canada Ltd.[3] (Omicron), an integrated development, design, and construction firm in Western Canada, as a wholly owned subsidiary.

With this acquisition, Nexii seeks to enhance its operational capabilities with in-house expertise and business development, client service, and project delivery processes.

The two Canadian businesses share a vision of revitalizing the construction and building industry through innovation and technology, moving away from traditional practices that are less efficient and significantly contribute to environmental impacts worldwide, a press release from Nexii said. Nexii and Omicron worked as partners since February 2019, when Omicron became one of the early shareholders and adopters of Nexii technology, followed by project collaborations across both teams.

Collaborations include engineering and design assignments for plant operations, manufacturing, and specific product design for Nexii’s Squamish, Hazelton, and Vancouver Island plants. Their most recent work together was on the Courtyard by Marriott hotel in Nanaimo, B.C., currently under construction.

“Omicron and Nexii have been collaborating in several key areas of mutual interest for the last two years, with the shared aim to tackle the construction industry’s main challenge; how to change the way we build in the face of climate change,” said Stephen Sidwell, Nexii CEO. “This merger formalizes and deepens this relationship and represents a natural strategic evolution for both companies. We are excited to join together to achieve better outcomes for our clients and for the environment.”

Omicron will become a subsidiary of Nexii, continuing to serve existing clients and providing services under the Omicron brand, while also supporting Nexii business development and project delivery. The merger will combine Nexii’s project operations with Omicron’s integrated project delivery platform.

The leadership of both Nexii and Omicron will be unchanged: Stephen Sidwell remains CEO of Nexii, and Bill Tucker will continue to lead the Omicron team as CEO, with expanded support from key Omicron leaders; senior vice-president, Michael Brimer, and vice-president, Craig Abercrombie. However, Tucker will also step into the role of executive vice-president operations, A&E, and assembly at Nexii to help align processes, teams, and key operations.

Both Nexii and Omicron will retain their business names and separate office headquarters in Vancouver and will continue to service existing clients and projects to completion.

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