Low-impact Development: Pervious concrete for the Evergreen Brickworks

by mdoyle | May 13, 2013 10:30 am

Images courtesy Sherry Sullivan[1]
Images courtesy Sherry Sullivan

Project Example - PCP - Photo 1[2]











At first glance, Toronto’s Evergreen Brickworks looks as if it has a standard concrete parking lot, but on closer inspection, one can see it is actually a pervious surface. At 4446 m2 (47,856 sf), with 155 parking spaces, this is one of the largest completed projects of its type in Canada.

The pervious concrete was placed using a laser-floor-screed machine (typically employed for larger industrial floor slabs), fitted with a special pervious concrete head. This technology has proven to be extremely effective in achieving a smooth, level, and open surface.

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