Design concepts unveiled for tall wood building in Toronto

March 26, 2018

Four internationally-renowned architectural/design firms have prepared design concepts for the construction of The Arbour, a new tall wood, net-positive building at George Brown College’s[1] waterfront campus in Toronto.

Moriyama & Teshima Architects[2] + Acton Ostry Architects[3], Patkau Architects[4] + MJMA[5], Provencher Roy[6] + Turner Fleischer[7], and Shigeru Ban[8] + Brook McIlroy[9] are presenting design concepts for the 12-storey building. The winning selection will be announced March 28.

The planned 16,250 m2 (174,913 sf) low-carbon facility will be a landmark in the city’s East Bayfront community, housing a tall wood building research institute, George Brown’s School of Computer Technology, and a childcare facility.

The Arbour is expected to be net-positive, reducing the college’s carbon footprint, and in turn, lowering greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Once built, students and researchers will learn to design, construct, operate, and monitor climate-friendly buildings.

A key element in the creation of a low-carbon campus will be the integration of smart building systems: networked, intelligent, sensitive, and adaptable. With building automation at the forefront of design and development innovation, this project provides an opportunity to create a facility that can integrate, adapt, monitor, and test latest technologies as well as share best practices with industry and students.

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