Construction bid competition open to students

February 21, 2017

The Construction Institute of Canada’s (TCIC’s) National Student Bid Competition will culminate in an awards gala on April 11, celebrating the most accurate and professional bids submitted by student teams.
Photo courtesy TCIC 2016 Student Bid Competition

The Construction Institute of Canada’s[2] (TCIC’s) National Student Bid Competition[3] is underway, with the deadline for bid submissions approaching. This event requires students to undergo a simulated bidding process for a project in the industrial, commercial, and institutional (ICI) sector, as realistically as possible. The process includes both creating a construction schedule and analyzing quotes.

Electronic bid submissions must be received by March 29 (any RFIs must be submitted by March 22), with the second phase—hard-copy submissions—due the following day. Compliant bidders will be notified April 5, with an awards ceremony scheduled for April 11. Those designated non-compliant will have the opportunity to appeal until April 6.

Prizes are awarded in the categories of:

In the spirit of accuracy and professionalism integral to the competition, teams unable to meet deadlines will automatically be eliminated from consideration for the Most Professional Bid prize and stand a chance of being disqualified entirely.

Competition organizers have exceeded last year’s participation statistics of 70 teams and eight schools. This year, 93 teams are participating, comprising 349 students from nine schools, including:

Registration closed in late January, but those interested can check the competition’s site[4] for further updates.

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