Understanding Warranty Legislation and How to Avoid Top Claims

This presentation will provide awareness and understanding of the origin of warranty legislation, and how third party warranty programs work. The technical portion of the presentation will review top warranty claims, and interesting/unusual claims.  There will be a slideshow of assorted photos to illustrate the damages caused, and interactive discussions about these situations will shed light on why the failures occur, and how to prevent them.

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CSC Calgary October 11, 2022 | Lunch Meeting

A presentation on what a smart building really is, how we can talk with clients about their goals around smart building design, and what some of the biggest obstacles are in achieving those goals. The discussion will include some of the ways building systems can interact and how to get the most out of our building ‘s infrastructure with the aim to give everyone a better understanding of the broad scope of intelligent systems design.

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Message from the president: What does leadership mean?

Everyone knows what leadership is, and everyone wants to be, or thinks they are, a leader. However, very few can articulate what leadership truly means. For any organization to succeed, it must have a clear definition of leadership; after all, it is a crucial step for developing future leaders and maintaining the focus and stock of current ones.

Leadership can be defined in several different ways. Some believe it means having business acumen, such as …

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