Calgary to tour the New Central Library site

by nithya_caleb | March 5, 2018 8:21 am

The Calgary Chapter[1] of CSC is organizing a tour of the New Central Library[2] (NCL) and dinner on March 13 from 4 to 8 p.m. Since construction began in 2014, work on the NCL has progressed well. Calgary Public Library[3], CMLC[4], and the City of Calgary[5] collaborated on the building, which is set to open in November.

The library is located just one block east of City Hall in the burgeoning cultural hotspot of East Village. Providing approximately 22,297 m2 (240,000 sf) of usable space – 66 per cent more than the existing downtown library – the new building will be home to a physical collection of more than 600,000 books. It also offers:

Architectural Digest[6] has named it as one of the 12 most anticipated buildings of 2018[7].

Participants are requested to wear a hard hat and safety boots, vest, goggles, and gloves. Please note dresses are not permitted onsite. After the one-hour tour, everyone will head to Salt and Pepper[8] for dinner.

To register, click here[9].

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