Building science solutions you can trust

February 12, 2020

Building science solutions you can trust

[1]It is important for buildings to be safe and to operate efficiently, and that is no easy task. It takes a thorough understanding of complex issues such as regional code requirements and hidden maintenance needs. Underwriters Laboratories (UL) covers multiple areas of a buildings construction: from building inspections services and field testing of building envelopes to testing and certification of building materials.

Building inspection

UL’s building inspection services provide building owners and facility managers with the information they need to identify building compliance gaps and where improvements are needed to maintain compliance with fire and life-safety codes, security, and air and water quality requirements. This ultimately delivers confidence in building and occupant safety and the continuity and sustainability of the business. Our menu of services covers all the needs for the life-cycle of the building, including new building inspection and commissioning, training, and annual life-safety reviews while reviewing and recommending building security needs.

Fire, life safety, and security inspections

Gap analysis of building fire, life safety, and security systems through building design, construction, and maintenance helps to reduce risk of fire, life safety, and security failures and breaches that could result in harm to life, property, and litigation.

Indoor air quality inspections and certification

Indoor air quality (IAQ) issues can impact occupant safety and health. This is an assessment of IAQ issues and tools are provided to prevent future problems so that a healthy building can be maintained.

Alarm certificate services and alarm hub

Fire and security alarm companies are certified for their ability to install, maintain, test, inspect, and monitor alarm systems, provide runner service, and communicate with the proper authorities.

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Onsite field testing

Moving from inside to outside, gain confidence that installed windows, curtain walls, skylights, and all building envelope components and assemblies and the joint seals between those components and assemblies meet the performance requirements for airtightness and water penetration. UL’s field testing experts conduct onsite assessments to determine compliance, risk mitigation, and remediation solutions. Testing is conducted during construction at varying stages of installation and after construction to assure proper performance and compliance to requirements. Testing is also conducted on existing structures to identify the source of air and water leakage to allow for remediation of the problems.


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Testing and certification of building materials

[6]UL evaluates a wide range of products for fire resistance and performance including doors, door hardware, roofing products, gypsum board, and more. Fire testing can be conducted with full test capabilities in our Toronto laboratory or at global UL laboratory locations. Product groups for testing can include:

The path to safety certification


Early engagement – This advisory phase involves technical discussions surrounding UL’s testing and certification requirements and can help minimize delays and prevent redesigns.

Test program development – A UL engineer will work with the manufacturer to develop a test program, providing an accurate statement of work and a quote for certification.

Preliminary engineering evaluation – UL collaborates with the manufacturer to determine which tests to conduct. After each preliminary investigation, UL provides a detailed report of all test results.

Testing and certification – UL conducts all required tests and evaluations in accordance with the applicable standard(s). Upon confirmation of compliance, UL issues a certification report and schedules an initial production inspection at the manufacturing location(s) to confirm the production facility is ready and authorized to produce UL-certified products.

Factory production control (FPC) and follow-up services (FUS) – UL performs regular follow-up visits to the manufacturing location(s) to help ensure the products being produced are representative of the products evaluated during the certification program.

Online certifications directory – Certified products are entered into UL’s Online Certifications Directory. This directory is a valuable, free-of-charge resource used by stakeholders looking for products that have been certified in accordance with specific standards or requirements.

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UL supports you in your drive to enhance public safety, meet regulatory demands, and create smarter, safer, and more sustainable buildings and cities. Our testing, inspection, and certification services for the built environment delivers solutions to architects, building managers, and owners, code authorities, contractors, and manufacturers. Our comprehensive service portfolio addresses all of your challenges in design, development, construction, and operations.

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