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Construction Canada
Construction Canada is pleased to present the following opportunity for our readers. Your contact information remains strictly confidential.
CSC Workshops (Virtual & Online)
While CSC classroom based learning has temporarily been suspended, CSC Workshop Courses are moving to a Virtual Platform.
Offered in real-time, the students will be able to interact with each other and the instructor during their learning process in the convenience of their home, office or anywhere they can access the internet.
In Just 5 weeks you can complete CSC’s TR or CCA Course, and in 7 days (one day per week for 7 weeks) you can complete the Specifier Course!
In addition to the above, CSC will offer the PCD as a 14 week course online (course details/pricing can be found on the CSC homepage or by contacting Clafton Fiola at
PCD Course
June 7
(14 Weeks)
Specifier (SP) Course
April 19
(7 Weeks)
TR Course
(5 Weeks)
CCA Course
April 30
(5 Weeks)
Cost: (Members) $875 plus tax, (Non-Member) $1175 plus tax
Cancellations within 7 or more business days of the course start date must be in writing and an administration fee of $250 will be charged. No refunds will be issued one week prior to the course date.
Course Descriptions
Principles of Construction Documentation (PCD) (Pre-requisite course)
The PCD is an introductory course that will enable the student to have a better understanding of construction documentation (specifications, drawings and schedules), products, bidding procedures and contracts. It is also a prerequisite to all the other CSC education courses.
Having the experience and knowledge will give you leverage in the fast paced construction industry. The course will also provide a solid base for future skills acquisition, job efficiency, position advancement, and pay increases in a convenient and easy to follow format.
Course Outline:
Construction Process  
Production of Construction Documents  
Forms of Contract  
Codes and Standards  
Risk Management Issues  
Legal Issues  
Building Science  
Contract Administration  
Trends in the Construction Industry  
Specifier (SP)
The CSC Specifier course is a comprehensive overview of the construction specification profession in Canada. At the completion of the course, students will have a solid grasp of a specifier’s role, legal issues including contracts, bidding and disputes, writing style used in the profession and how to close out a project. A wide range of professional scenarios are explained, often using real-life examples.
Skills acquired in this course include:
Understanding legal contracts  
Understanding the function of the project manual and associated drawings.  
Developing the basis for good specifications.  
Improved writing skills  
Understanding the process of researching and selecting products.  
The CSC Specifier course continues from where the PCD course ends and is a more in-depth education on the special techniques and skills required to write the procurement and contractual requirements of: Division 00; the administrative, procedural and temporary requirements of Division 01; and the technical specifications of Divisions 02 – 49.
Completion of this course is mandatory in the process of becoming a Certified Specification Practitioner (CSP), or a Registered Specification Writer (RSW).
Course Outline:
General Review  
Types of Construction Contracts and Project Delivery Methods  
Procurement and Contracting Requirements  
Lien Legislation, Bonds, Insurance and Dispute Mechanisms  
Specification Writing Basics: Grammar, Spelling and Conventions  
Specification Writing – Getting Started  
Writing From a Master Specification  
Writing Original Specification Sections  
Product Selection, Research and Assessment  
Codes and Standards  
Division 01 – Administrative and Procedural Requirements  
Division 01 – Temporary Facilities and Controls  
Division 01 – Performance Requirements and Life Cycle Activities  
Relationships and Coordination – Divisions 00, 01 and Technical Sections  
Specifying Quality and Performance Requirements  
Specifying For Special Requirements  
Students should have:
Experience reading construction drawings;  
Experience reading construction specifications;  
Experiences researching construction materials;  
Experience researching construction reference standards.  
Or, Construction related Certification from a Technical College or University.  
Technical Representative (TR )
The TR course will provide a better understanding of contract documents and bidding procedures, product representation, professionalism, and ethics, and will provide a new depth of understanding and explanation of concepts beyond what was previously introduced in the PCD course. The course is designed for the individual involved in the supply section of the construction industry such as manufacturer representatives, agents or distributors of products. The student will have successfully completed the PCD course.
This course is a requirement for the Certified Technical Representative (CTR) designation.
Course Outline:
The Project Manual and Drawings  
The Technical Representative and Consultants  
Construction Product Selection Process  
Materials Selection and Substitutions  
Construction Product Representation  
Effective Technical Assistance  
Information Management and Product Literature  
Product Presentation Techniques  
Contract Liability and Warranties  
Bonds and Insurance  
Material and Product Standards  
Workmanship, Quality, Codes and Standards  
Liens and Liens Legislation  
Contract Administration and Field Services  
Construction Contract Administrator (CCA)
The course is designed for those individuals involved in construction administration, including Contract Administrators, Property Managers, Architects, Engineers, Interior Designers, Specification Consultants, Building Authorities, and Bonding and Insurance Agencies.
This course is a requirement for the Certified Construction Contract Administrator (CCCA) designation.
Course Outline:
Construction Industry participants  
Bidding Requirements and Process  
Alternatives and Substitutions  
Standards and Regulatory Influences  
Site Activities  
Execution of the Work  
Certificate of Payment  
Changes in the Work  
Dispute Resolution  
Construction Insurance  
Construction Surety Bonds  
Guaranties and Warranties  
Project Submittal  
Field Services and Quality Control  
Clerk of the Works  
Contract Close-Out  
Definitions and Resources  
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