Where sound performance matters, Mars™: In school, work, and healthcare

If you’re an architect designing environments for education, recovery, or confidentiality, you know sound matters. Good acoustics can increase performance, lower disruptions, and even facilitate healing. The Mars™ High-NRC/High-CAC Acoustical panel not only delivers but excels in each category.

Balanced acoustics for superior performance

The Mars™ High-NRC/High-CAC Acoustical panel is designed to achieve balanced aesthetics, acoustics, and economics. Elevate your design while ensuring noise control in any environment with Mars™ High-NRC/High-CAC Acoustical panel—it’s design which performs. Here’s how: Our science is sound

Boost Student Learning

Reduced sound transmission in schools can help increase student performance and lower disruptive behavior.

Increase Workplace Productivity

Improved workplace acoustics have been shown to increase employee satisfaction and productivity, as well as lower stress.

Protect Patient Privacy

In medical buildings, balanced acoustics are necessary to facilitate healing, support patient privacy, and help meet PIPEDA regulations. Mars™ High-NRC High-CAC Acoustical Panels deliver necessary NRC and CAC ratings for healthcare environments.

Design your vision with the look you want and the performance you need with Mars™ High-NRC High-CAC Acoustical Panels.

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