Construction Supervisor

Posted June 2, 2021

Location: Toronto, ON
Type: full-time
Salary: Commensurate with Experience
Career Level: experienced

Job Description: 


● Effectively translate the construction requirements into trade scope-of-work assignments 

● Conduct minuted weekly progress meetings and ensure the minutes are distributed to all concerned parties (to TFW management) 

● Create and distribute (including TFW management) any Change Work Orders 

● Monitor and maintain an overall budget for labour, materials and miscellaneous costs 

● Create and maintain work site schedules with care to rationalize/minimize labour costs 

● Conduct health & safety and tool talk meetings as required by the work schedule 

● Issue, distribute and track purchase orders 

● Control and verify material deliveries 

● Control and verify time sheets 

● Complete daily job logs and distribute (to TFW management) 

● Ensure all planning decisions are distributed to and approved by all parties concerned


● Direct, instruct, layout, integrate and organize work-to-be-done, in accordance with the scope-of-work assignments, by: ○ Excavating Trade, Foundation Forming Trade & Below grade Drains Trade ○ Framing Trade ○ Plumbing Trade ○ HVAC Trade ○ Electrical Trade ○ Tiles and Flooring Trades. ○ Millwork Trade 

● Resolve any immediate issues quickly and diplomatically, ensuring the smooth operation of each trade with the others 

● Monitor and correct quality control issues 

● Monitor and control deliveries of materials to the work site and ensure the materials required for work are onsite and accessible 

● Monitor any labour issues and resolve them equitably and quickly 

● Monitor and control health and safety practices at the work site 

● Ensure professional working standards and residential construction best practices are used at all times 

● Keep TFW management informed of significant issues as they occur 

Summary of Qualifications & Skills: 

● Able to work independently and collaboratively as part of a team 

● Able to apply self-directed problem solving, associated learning and flexibility to construction, labour and materials issues 

● Able to read and interpret construction specifications, plans and engineering schematics accurately and create trade scope-of-work assignments from them 

● Able to do technical drawings to demonstrate issues to the client and the trades: 

● Able to conduct effective progress meetings that focus on goal attainment while prioritizing quality and cost control 

● Able to provide clear and concise information to clients and instructions to trades and suppliers 

● Ten years of progressive experience in residential construction 

● Full certification in one (or more) residential construction trades 

● Demonstrated construction site supervisory experience 

● Proficiency in MS Office (Outlook, Word, and Excel) for budgeting and labour scheduling is mandatory 

● Enrolment in BILD, or any similar, professional development courses would be a definite asset


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