SilveRboard® Graphite XS – Innovation in high performance rigid exterior insulating board

SilveRboard® Graphite XS – Innovation in high performance rigid exterior insulating board

As codes and standards change, it is important to constantly find innovative ways to maintain and improve the quality of a building. For Amvic, this means providing builders with the right products to achieve that quality. This is why SilveRboard® Graphite XS was developed by Amvic Building System.

Superior product innovation
SilveRboard® Graphite XS  is an expanded polystyrene (EPS) base material that is embedded with carbon ‘graphite’ particles that increase the insulation’s thermal performance. The Graphite EPS beads reflect radiant heat energy similar to the effect of a mirror that reduces thermal conductivity and increases the material’s ability to resist the flow of heat or R value.

SilveRboard® Graphite XS is a combination of graphite-embedded EPS beads surrounded by air pockets, laminated on both sides with perforated reflective film. About 98 per cent of the EPS in SilveRboard® Graphite XS is air—we call this insulation ‘engineered air.’

Key product benefits include:

  • proprietary high-strength, reflective, metalized film layer on both faces dramatically improves overall board strength and flexibility;
  • together with the patented micro-perforated film, when correctly taped and flashed, it provides the necessary second plane of protection without the need for additional sheathing membranes as per National Building Code of Canada (NBC); and
  • reduces onsite damage and waste.

An ideal rigid exterior insulation solution for builders
Available in 12 to 150-mm (½ to 6-in.) standard thicknesses, SilveRboard® delivers high performance and maximum value to builders during the construction process:

  • offers durability during the construction process and various weather conditions;
  • accepts taping that adheres quickly and permanently to SilveRboard film;
  • delivers long-term stable R-value thanks to built-in air and moisture barriers;
  • provides level rigid surface for exterior finish materials and highly flexible for radius walls; and
  • is lightweight and easy to handle.

SilveRboard® Graphite XS is the most cost-effective and higher-performing rigid exterior insulating board in the market today. The colder the climate, the higher the thermal resistance or R-value—this unique property of EPS insulation is not commonly found in other rigid insulation boards.

SilveRboard® Graphite XS holds its R-value for the life of the product; it is an ideal insulation for exterior walls in the Canadian environment.

This type of insulation is perfect for builders looking for a sheet with superior insulation, reduced thickness that provides more flexible options, and a levelled rigid surface for exterior finish materials—all at an economical cost.

Adhering to the building code
Canada’s national and provincial building codes have been changing over the years to adapt and address various aspects, including energy efficiency, structural protection, safety, and the effects of climate change. In Ontario, the building codes have seen updates to accommodate for these parameters, with the Ontario Building Code (OBC) SB-12 Chapter 3 requirements increasing the energy efficiency levels for new low-rise homes by 15 per cent. The minimum efficiency requirements for envelopes and mechanical systems have increased.

The SB-12 Chapter 3 continues to divide the province into two climate zones: Zone 1 for locations with less than 5000 heating degree days, and Zone 2 for those with more.

Amvic’s SilveRboard® Graphite XS allows builders to cost-effectively meet the requirements of Chapter 3 of Supplementary Standard SB-12 Zone 1 of the Ontario Building Code.

Brick wall assemblies for OBC Zone 1 ≥ 92% AFUE (i.e. annual fuel utilization efficiency) space-heating equipment:

SilveRboard® Graphite XS allows builders to meet wall assembly requirements for Section 9.36, with any cladding options and without requiring advanced framing. It also allows builders to easily meet the Package A1 requirements by using 38×140-mm (2×6) studs and RSI-3.34 (R-19) batt insulation without requiring advanced framing, as shown in calculation table. Builders have the option to comply with OBC requirements both with and without the installation of oriented strand board (OSB) sheathing.

Continuous insulation
Continuous insulation (ci) refers to a monolithic layer of insulation that eliminates thermal bridging through wood or steel studs. Energy codes are pushing for higher thermal performance values in building walls, specifically in the form of exterior continuous insulation that increases thermal performance of the wall due to the elimination of thermal bridging. As a result, performance, energy efficiency, and occupant comfort are improved.

SilveRboard® Graphite XS is the ideal solution to adhere to new building code requirements because it easily provides continuous insulation for structures by creating a thermal break against studs.

Benefits to homeowners
Apart from offering construction benefits to homebuilders, SilveRboard® Graphite XS also delivers numerous benefits to the final homeowner. It translates into a more energy-efficient and structurally strong home.

SilveRboard® Graphite XS:

  • creates a high-performing thermal envelope for maximum heat/cooling efficiency;
  • meets requirements for second plane of protection without additional membranes;
  • improves indoor air quality (IAQ); and
  • can be recycled, as it contains neither chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) nor hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs).

In essence, the highly effective combination of air and unique EPS bead makes Amvic’s SilveRboard® Graphite XS one of the most energy-efficient, high R-value, environmentally responsible, and cost-effective insulation products available, while giving the board superior and high-performance flexural strength and jobsite toughness. SilveRboard® Graphite XS by Amvic Building System is definitely the newest innovation in rigid exterior insulating boards, built to a higher standard.

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