Award-winning Calgary library featuring custom ALPOLIC MCM

May 13, 2020

[1]A modern marvel, the Calgary Central Library[2] strikes a stunning contrast to the urban environment in which it sits. The unique, award-winning design features more than 10,219 m2 (110,000 sf) of ALPOLIC[3] metal composite materials (MCM) finished in various shades of custom white[4]. The MCM was fabricated by Flynn[5] and installed by Ferguson[6] into assorted degrees of hexagonal patterns. Interspersed with the glass and natural wood accents, ALPOLIC MCM creates a lace-like effect across the building’s façade.

[7]The metallic, pearlescent, and shimmer-like LUMIFLON FEVE[8]-based finishes coating the MCM visually provide light reflection and dimension, as well as help ensure superior fade resistance, colour clarity, and overall panel protection.

The $245-million building, which officially opened in late 2018, was a collaboration between international architecture firm Snøhetta[9] and Canadian-based firm DIALOG[10]. The design, named by Architectural Digest as one of the most anticipated buildings of 2018 and listed in Time Magazine’s 100 greatest places of 2019, is a stunning example of modern architecture that is both inspirational and inviting.

For more information about ALPOLIC, please visit[11].

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